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The latest addition to the activities played by the Vikings is the fast-growing racket sport of Padel (also known as Padel racquet, Padel tennis or Padel ball). The group started in 2020 and has gone from strength to strength, with new players joining from all skill levels to experience and enjoy this fast paced, energetic and fun sport.

The Vikings meet every Sunday on Soi 94 at the Padel of Thailand courts which boasts first class, brand new facilities. We run both beginner and intermediate groups to ensure everyone has an evenly matched game and can enjoy and learn the sport at a similar level.

Meetings are every Sunday for one and a half hours between 16:30 – 18:00. The full schedule is announced in advance to all members via social media chat channels every week. We have the occasional tournament and friendly games from time to time.

All are welcome to come and join in the fun.


Every Sunday, 16:30 - 18:00


Padel Of Thailand Courts, Soi Charoen Phatthana 2, Chang Wat, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

Stay fit. Have fun. Be social.

What is the Game of Padel?

The History of Padel dates back to 1969 and was the brainchild of Enrique Corcuera in Mexico, although the origins of the game can be traced even further back still to a similar game played on the British cruise ships in the 19th century. It is now the fastest growing racket sport in the world which is a good indication and fair reflection of just how popular and fun it is.

The game itself is a hybrid cross between tennis and squash. Its commonly played as doubles with 4 players in total on a court that’s about a third smaller than a tennis court and has enclosed walls and mesh sides for the ball to bounce off with a net down the centre. The scoring is the same as Tennis and the balls used are also similar but less pressurised. The fact the ball can be played off the walls make its both a challenging and interesting sport with a lot of shot play variety involved. It’s a great way to enjoy the Vikings philosophy of staying fit, having fun and being social afterwards at the courtside bar.

Want to find out more? Simply get in touch with us. Joining Viking Club is free and open to both expats and local Thai’s.

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